Your recreation partnerships in one place

All the tools you need to go paperless, reduce manual data entry, track instructor compliance, and optimize your activity schedule. 

Paperless Partnerships

Eliminate the need for hardcopies of paperwork. Store everything digitally and in one place- no more searching endless email chains!

The perfect schedule

Vendor proposals automatically appear in your facility planner where you can visualize how each activity fits into your larger schedule.

Compliance management

Our suite of compliance tools let you easily track vendor paperwork, answering the question "is this instructor cleared to teach?"

One-Click Exports

Instantly generate PDF contracts and Excel spreadsheets. Import to InDesign to create your camp guide.

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*Discounts are available for communities impacted by COVID-19

Frequently asked questions

Upcivic is a suite of tools designed to help recreation centers generate more revenue and community engagement, and to run safer programs.

No. Upcivic does not currently handle registrations, payments, or facility reservations. Instead, we focus on making it easier for recreation centers to plan the perfect schedule and keep all of their vendors in compliance.

The best ways to maximize registrations for your recreation programs are to utilize every available facility space, and to ensure that similar programs are not booked so close together that they compete for enrollments. Upcivic’s facility planner gives you the bird’s eye view you need to see these gaps and conflicts.

Think of compliance management as a to-do list shared between you and your vendors. With Upcivic, you can easily visualize who is missing critical paperwork like contracts, liability insurance, and background check authorization forms.

The best ways to learn more about Upcivic are to email or to schedule a demo. We look forward to chatting with you!